ADA & Tactile Braille Signage

The Americans with Disabilities Act, more commonly referred to as ADA, prohibits discrimination against any individuals with disabilities in all areas of public life. ADA Signs refer to signs that adhere to the standards set out by the ADA and are a requirement in all public buildings in the US to designate a permanent space or convey vital safety information.

We design our ADA signs to ensure that no business not only meets the accessibility requirements of ADA but exceeds them. All ADA signs—whether for wayfinding, room marking, or safety—are designed to seamlessly integrate into your current branding and can be outfitted with tactile braille.

ADA Sign Requirements

  • Permanent Spaces – All interior spaces should have signs that utilize tactile lettering and braille to designate the location of a permanent space within a given facility, such as room numbers/letters, specific room names, restrooms, floor numbers, etc.

  • Wayfinding & Informational – Signs that provide directions to or information about a business, medical building, or other space must have a non-glare finish and meet specific requirements for character width-to-height proportions, use of uppercase and lowercase lettering, and font type.

  • Overhead & Wall-Mounted – In order to be ADA compliant, all overhead and wall-mounted signage must meet specific clearance requirements, not obstruct access to emergency or safety features, and adhere to the same standards as wayfinding and informational signs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not all signs need to be ADA compliant. However, hospitals are required to have ADA compliant signs on all their interior signage.

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Quality. Affordability. Dependability. Experience.

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