Electric Sign Services 

From lightboxes and LED-lit lettering to neon, electric and lighted signs are some of the most effective and striking forms of signage available. For decades, these signs have been the go-to for major businesses looking to leave a lasting impression and literally outshine the local competition.

Clearway Signs is Western Washington’s premier provider of electric sign services. Whether you are looking for a fully custom lighted sign or general maintenance, our skilled technicians are ready to assist you with all your electric sign needs!

  • Custom Lighted Sign Fabrication
  • LED Retrofit & Conversion
  • Electric Sign Installation & Replacement
  • Electric Sign Repairs & Maintenance
  • Neon Repair
  • Bulb & Power Supply Replacement

Frequently Asked Questions

Electric repairs are charged at a higher rate per hour but are typically quicker to fix. In the end, these repairs are typically equivalent in price to non-electrical repairs.

If your electric sign has fluorescent bulbs instead of LED, it may need to be repaired every few months, whereas LED style signs typically do not need to be repaired for years.

Typically between $1,000 – $2,000 depending on the size of your sign. Every job is a bit different, however, and prices will vary.

All LED signs are lighted signs, but not all lighted signs are LED. Any sign made in-house by Clearway Signs is LED, and will last exponentially longer than a fluorescent or neon equivalent.

Some sign types we create that are lighted include monument signs, pylon signs, channel letters, halo-lit letters, sign cabinets, and push-thru acrylic cabinets.

Quality. Affordability. Dependability. Experience.

Quality. Affordability. Dependability. Experience.

We take pride in our abilities to achieve successful results on every job – on time, on budget, and delivered as expected.