Plans & Permitting Services

One of the most critical obstacles to overcome when designing signage for your business is securing state, city, county, and/or municipality approval. While personal name plates, maintenance signs, most wayfinding signage, and window signs (within certain size limitations) are exempt, larger exterior signs generally require permitting.

From Seattle to Olympia, Western Washington has many state and city rules and regulations regarding signage. This not only pertains to sign placement but also size, functionality, and even permitted sign types. Thankfully, we at Clearway Signs handle the entire permitting and plans approval process so you don’t have to!

Frequently Asked Questions

Most jurisdictions require permits for any exterior sign.

If your permit is denied, we will need to modify your sign according to the reason that the permit was denied. Typically, sign permits will be denied due to an overall size maximum that is being exceeded, in which case we would propose to shrink the overall size of your sign to conform to your jurisdiction’s requirements.

Typically, permits will expire somewhere between 6 months and 2 years from the date the permit was issued.

In most cases, a repair or vinyl change to your sign will not require a permit. A sign replacement or modification, however, will typically require a new permit.

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Quality. Affordability. Dependability. Experience.

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