Commercial Sign Services in Tacoma, WA

As the third largest city in Washington, Tacoma is home to over 200,000 residents and harbors the business center of the South Sound region consisting of over 1 million people. Tacoma, locally known as the City of Destiny and often referred to as “T-town”, has a lot to offer. Museums, beaches, parks, performing arts, and an array of fantastic restaurants and cafes make daytime living and nighttime life exciting in Tacoma. Businesses abound in Tacoma as the city continues to be a mecca for commerce and services.

At Clearway Signs, we provide professional signage services to the businesses of Tacoma, from 3D to lighted signs, and vinyl to braille. We specialize in designing custom signs for the unique and particular needs of your business. Starting with a quote, we will handle the entire process including permitting, production, transportation, and installation. Quality, professional signs are what every business needs and we are here to help!

Make a Lasting Impression with Custom Signs in Tacoma

Custom signs help successful businesses stand out and be recognized by passersby. Just as an online presence is important to most businesses, physical signage is vital in establishing a presence in the local environment of a bustling city such as Tacoma. Customers need to know how to find you and where you are. Additionally, seeing the name of your business routinely creates a sense of familiarity and trust the more your name is seen.

We design and install a variety of custom signs for all manner of businesses and commercial properties. Whether you are looking to improve the accessibility of your medical facility, enhance the atmosphere of your office space, or outshine your local competition, we have you covered. Our signs are fully customizable, durable, and guaranteed to elevate your branding!

Sign Services in Tacoma, WA

As the premier sign manufacturer of Tacoma, we take care of a wide array of services from plans and permitting to electric light service and maintenance. Whether you need a new sign or are looking to modernize your current signs, we have you covered with a full range of services for one of your most valuable marketing assets. We offer the following sign services:

  • Plans & Permitting – We handle the entire plans and permitting process for larger exterior signs, ensuring compliance with The City of Tacoma’s building codes and regulations.

  • Installation & Replacement – We provide comprehensive installation services for new and replacement signs. This includes a site survey and analysis, permitting, and proper removal and disposal of old materials.

  • Repair & Maintenance – We offer routine repair and maintenance services for all signs we install. This includes detailed cleaning, minor paint touchups, inspections, bulb replacements, and much more.

  • Electric Light Services – From design and installation to LED retrofits and conversions, we offer a wide array of electric sign services to help keep your signs shining brightly for years to come.

Quality. Affordability. Dependability. Experience.

Quality. Affordability. Dependability. Experience.

We take pride in our abilities to achieve successful results on every job – on time, on budget, and delivered as expected.